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Greater Philadelphia Cares Calendar Projects by Issue Area

Greater Philadelphia Cares mobilizes volunteers each month to serve on volunteer projects throughout the region. We partner with schools, social service agencies, environmental groups, and non-profit organizations to tutor, feed, assist, revitalize, and enrich, and much more!

Information about our monthly projects is available to volunteers through the monthly calendar they receive in the mail, our weekly Hot Projects email, and on our website. If you would like to learn how you can participate in Greater Philadelphia Cares' monthly calendar projects, you must view the online orientation.

Monthly calendar projects fall into nine service areas. Click on a link below, or check out our monthly Calendar At-a-Glance.

For a quick view of all our listings, check out the Calendar At-a-Glance. Just click on a project to view the description.

To view the monthly project opportunities in a downloadable PDF format, click here!

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